• Molten Salts have been used as medium of heat transfer since many years in the Chemical, Metal refining, Glass, Nuclear and Solar Energy sectors. Molten Salts are usually a eutectic mixture of sodium, potassium, lithium or chloride based salts. A eutectic mixture is a mixture of two or more components which usually do not interact to form a new chemical compound but, which at certain ratios, form a system having a lower melting point than that of either of the components.

    The range of application of Molten Salts in heat transfer technology ranges from 200°C up to 850°C depending up on the constituents of the eutectic mixture. For applications requiring a heat transfer fluid temperature above 350°C Molten Salt is the preferred medium. Water has been found to be uneconomical above 200°C due to high pressure while organic and synthetic oils start degrading above 350°C. These organic or synthetic oils also pose the problem of carbon formation and high vapor pressure, both of which are absent in the case of Molten Salts.
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Galvanizing plants, Zinc & Lead smelting plants, Ingots manufacturers, Solar power plants, Nuclear Power plants, etc.