Product -Auro Pump

Manufacturing Experience of more then 30 years and have manufactured and installed more than 1 lac pump sets PAN India and abroad.

  • Capacity up to 750 m3/Hr
  • Head up to 90 meters
  • Maximum temperature up to 300oC
  • Operating frequency of 50Hz & 60Hz
  • Manufactured as per ISO 2858, ISO 5199 & DIN 24256.
  • Maximum submergence length of up to 8 meters
  • Intermediate bearing bush at every 1.0 meter shaft length.
  • Glass/Bronze/Carbon filed Teflon bush can be provided.
  • Silicone Carbide bush/Special slurry application bush can be provided for slurry application.
  • Internal/External flushing provided.
  • Mechanical seal arrangement can be provided if required.
  • Completely steam jacketed pump for molten Sulphur application (140oC - 150oC)
  • Vapor proof Construction of pump also available.
  • Rubber lining option available
Available in CF8, CF8M, Cf3, CF3M, A-20, R-55, H-B, H-C, CZ100, CA6NM, CD4MCu and other special Alloys.

All chemical plants, Steel & Power plants, petrochemical industry, Pharmaceutical & Solvent industry, Nuclear power plants, Pulp & paper plants, Sugar mills, Forging plants, All applications that require fluid transfers from negative suction.