Product -Auro Pump

Manufacturing Experience of more then 30 years and have manufactured and installed more then 75,000 pump sets PAN India and abroad.

  • Capacity up to 750 m3/Hr
  • Head up to 60 meters
  • Maximum pump length of 1.5 meters.
  • Heavy duty single shaft with 2 heavy duty bearings.
  • No intermediate bush or sleeve.
Available in CF8, CF8M, Cf3, CF3M, A-20, R-55, H-B, H-C, CZ100, CA6NM, CD4MCu and other special Alloys.

For pumping highly abrasive and/or erosive slurries where conventional ACCV vertical submerged pumps cannot operate like in Steel plants, Power plants, Metallurgical process plants, Cement plants, etc.