Molten Metal Pumps are widely used in various industry sectors for pumping of Non-Ferrous metals in their molten states like Aluminum, Zinc, Lead, Tin and Magnesium. AURO’s Molten Metal Pumps are specifically engineered and designed to handle the harshest of working environments like extreme temperatures, heavy abrasion, wear and corrosion due to elevated temperatures. These pumps are made from specially developed metallurgy which is suitable for the constant exposure to such extreme working conditions. All AURO make Molten Metal Pumps are designed and manufactured in-house at our manufacturing facility in Gujarat, India.

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AURO’s AMA series Molten Aluminum Pumps are engineered to be compatible to the extreme temperatures and highly corrosive nature of molten Aluminum. All components are manufactured from time tested proven materials compatible to Molten Aluminum. All graphite & ceramic parts are precision machined to ensure optimum component assembly of the pumps to achieve increased operating life.

AMA series Molten Aluminum pumps are designed to consist of minimum moving components and only a handful of major components to ensure easy and quick maintenance of the pumps. Our replaceable lower assembly design allows the end user to simply replace the old submerged part of the pump assembly with a new ready to fit assembly in less than 6 steps. This ensures minimal downtime and production losses during breakdowns.

These compact and light weight Molten Aluminum Pumps are designed keeping in mind industry standard sizes of Molten Aluminum Crucibles to ensure a wide range of compatibility and interchangeability.

AMA series Molten Aluminum Pumps are used-

  • Continuous circulation of Molten Aluminum in the furnace to achieve uniform melting and optimized furnace operation
  • Emergency pump-outs
  • Pre-planned Furnace maintenance
  • Transfer of Molten Aluminum from furnace to ladle or ladle to ladle
  • Ingot pouring lines