Molten Metal Pumps are widely used in various industry sectors for pumping of Non-Ferrous metals in their molten states like Aluminum, Zinc, Lead, Tin and Magnesium. AURO’s Molten Metal Pumps are specifically engineered and designed to handle the harshest of working environments like extreme temperatures, heavy abrasion, wear and corrosion due to elevated temperatures. These pumps are made from specially developed metallurgy which is suitable for the constant exposure to such extreme working conditions. All AURO make Molten Metal Pumps are designed and manufactured in-house at our manufacturing facility in Gujarat, India.



AURO’s AML series Molten Lead Pumps are designed and engineered to withstand the extreme temperatures, heavy abrasion and temperature induced erosion and corrosion. Molten Lead pumps are used for forced circulation of the metal in the furnace improved metal yield, temperature homogeneity and optimized furnace operation.

  • Carefully selected metallurgy suitable for Molten Lead intermittent application
  • Designed for maximum gravity-draining to avoid solidification of molten Lead within the assembly
  • Easy and quick maintenance procedure to reduce cost
  • Specially engineered line bearing materials for optimum shaft alignment and longer operational life
  • Double bearing design for greater shaft stability
  • Temperature range up to 600°C
  • Capacity up to 250 tons/h (higher capacity will be quoted on request)
  • Immersion up to 3.5 meters kettle depth
  • Molten Lead Pumps are used for safe transfer of molten Lead from furnace to furnace or furnace to ladle as well as safe emergency pump-out of molten Lead from the furnace/kettle
  • Specially developed and proven metallurgy to withstand continuous exposure to high temperature, wear and corrosion
  • Provides forced convectional heat transfer in the furnace for temperature homogeneity
  • Provides mass circulation for alloy metallurgical homogenization for better metal quality
  • Increases the melt rate resulting in improved furnace efficiency and productivity
  • Dual heavy duty bearing design for higher stability and operational life
  • Jacketed bearing cooling arrangement for longer bearing life
  • Temperature range up to 700°C
  • Capacity up to 250 tons/h (higher capacity will be quoted on request)
  • Pump immersion length up to 1 meter
  • Molten Lead Pumps are used for heat treatment process in Wire & Strip manufacturing
  • Molten Lead Pumps are used in Lead Ingot pouring lines and Lead Recycling plants
  • Molten Lead Pumps are used for carrying out material and component experiments in Nuclear Industry

Lab scale and Pilot scale Molten Lead Loops for carrying out Nuclear Industry related experiments are also available. Details will be provided on request.